Escape the "Time for Money Trap" Now! 
Develop a highly scaled, near-passive source of income in the form of a high-ticket online course/group coaching program. Your online group program will help you up-level your income and scale up your positive impact with an automated marketing funnel fueled by a self-funding advertising campaign. 
Leverage our expertise and economies of scale to help you escape the 'time for money trap" with a lucrative group coaching program or online course. Part I of this package is a comprehensive training in the principles, tools and practices used to sustain a full, thriving and growing group coaching/online training business for years to come. 

This is a "turnkey" solution to scale your business quickly beyond one-on-one coaching to high-impact, high-income group programs and online programs (including digital products). We do the "heavy lifting" for you so that you don't have to learn all the technical details of landing pages, domain names, email automation and hassle with learning how to use a bunch of new technology platforms yourself.  
I. Advanced Comprehensive Training and Coaching for You
This comprehensive training/group coaching program is the most complete and up-to-date of any program on the market that helps coaches scale their business into group and online programs. There's no need to buy a bunch of separate expensive courses on "Creating Premium Group Coaching Packages," "Free Consultations that Sell" and "Where to Find Clients" (each sold by other coach mentors for about two thousand dollars a piece) when this single Growth Accelerator Program covers it all (and for less than the price of just one of the other incomplete courses on the market). This is the only course you will need to learn how to do all the things that the coach marketing gurus teach. Best of all, this program is not one-size-fits-all. We customize the program with you to meet your needs in your individual coaching business and where you are taking it.   
Growing Your Audience
Select your best coaching niche and the ways to easily grow your tribe and attract new clients to your group programs. You will learn how to precisely pinpoint the people who will be most willing to invest in your group coaching programs. A fine-tuned understanding of your ideal audience is the foundation for crafting compelling offers and designing a marketing (and advertising) campaign that can attract them easily and that is scalable.
Designing Attractive Packages
Create coaching packages of various kinds that will be extremely attractive to your ideal customer. This way your ideal clients will be interested, will engage, and will connect with you. The more compelling your offers, the less it will cost you to advertise to attract them! Apply the principles of relevance and resonance so that you dramatically increase the conversion rates ("yes rates") of people that you talk to.
Creating Your Group Program
Create, market and run a successful group coaching program, online course, mastermind group or membership site. You will learn the specific benefits and the precise requirements of what it really takes to create online group programs that deliver high value to your clients. You will learn the best practices for successfully promoting group programs.
Your Engaging Content
Leverage content marketing to get your positive message to the masses while positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. Strategic advocacy is similar to content marketing and social media marketing, but it is carefully linked to your paid coaching offers. You will learn how to grow your tribe and your client base quickly while sharing your unique message. 
Creating Your "Lead Magnet"
"Lead magnets" are free offers that give prospects "value in advance," and bring qualified prospects into your relationship funnel. This is your most important piece of content as it positions you as a credible source of information and help. Your lead magnet can be a PDF white paper, downloadable tool, a video training or webinar, or even a quiz.  

Your Initial Consultations
We will teach you the exact way to enroll clients quickly without selling or being pushy while feeling authentic and generous through the whole process. We will provide you with templates and individualized help to to create a wonderful "initial consultation" that creates a lot of value for your prospect. We will even role play with you to get really good at it so that it feels easy and natural to invite qualified prospects into your program. 
Your Relationship Funnel
Design your perfect "relationship funnel" to help and educate your prospects and give them a chance to know, like and trust you. You will learn how to dramatically increase "yes rates." You will learn how to design an automated "appointment funnel" that brings you a constant stream of people who will want to have an initial consultation with you and will likely want to coach with you.  
Marketing Automation
Automating your marketing pages and email follow-up is the key to attracting qualified leads and coaching clients. You will select each component of your platform (landing pages, email, webinar platform, etc.), and make sure they integrate together properly. This knowledge will save you a ton of time and money by avoiding costly trial and error.  
Self-Funding Advertising
Create a self-funding advertising campaign to ensure you always have a continual flow of new coaching prospects (qualified leads) coming into your relationship funnel. You will learn the funnel page tricks and tips the pros use that can boost your conversions (and results) dramatically from your advertising campaigns. 
II. Turnkey Marketing Funnel and Your Group Program Development
Target Audience Research
We will help you select your ideal coaching niche and ideal type of client. We use a combination of advanced research tools to help you pinpoint your audience so we can put your message in front of them!
Compelling Offer Design
We will help you craft your perfect coaching programs (various packages at different price points), to make sure they will attract well-matched, long-term clients. This will make it easy for your clients to say yes.
Lead Magnet Creation
"Lead magnets" are free offers that give prospects "value in advance," and bring qualified prospects into your relationship funnel. We will co-create a compelling lead magnet to attract prospects and clients.
Funnel Architecture
Our team will design the ideal funnel architecture, flow of activities and experiences to engage and delight your coaching client prospects and create a constant stream of new clients (and growing income).
Tech Platform Set Up
We will help you select the best platforms (email, landing page, CRM, etc.) based on your aptitude, budget and preferences for your unique coaching practice. We will set up each component, link them all together and test them for you.
Marketing Automation
Email automation and page automation is crucial to staying in contact with your coaching prospects as they move through their "customer journey." We provide email templates that we will customize with you to stay connected with your growing interest list.
Page Design/Production
Our graphic design and web page development team will work with you to create beautiful and functional title images for your offers, as well as attractive marketing pages that will appeal to your ideal clients. This includes  graphic design, stock photography, illustrations, and labor to set up pages.
Copywriting Assistance
You tell us about the mission of your coaching business and your audience, and we will work with you to craft a compelling message and effective marketing language for your lead magnet, offer pages and follow-up email campaigns... all tailored to be resonant with your ideal coaching clients. 
Help Creating Videos
Some relationships funnels have a pre-recorded content. If you want video in your funnel, we will provide beautiful slide templates, script templates, editing of your scripts, and coaching to help you move quickly through the process making it as easy as possible for you.
Benefits of Letting Us Develop Your Automated Marketing Funnel for You:
  • Scale fast with a continual flow of pre-educated, qualified leads
  • Save time, energy and money by letting us do the heavy lifting
  • Leverage Brett's and his team's experience and expertise
  • Overcome overwhelm by letting our expert team lead the way
  • Get your marketing program done in half the time (vs. by yourself)
  • Feel confident knowing you are using the best tech for your situation
  • Avoid having to climb steep, difficult tech learning curves 
  • Get to focus on coaching and let the marketing run itself!
Brett, The tools and perspectives, along with the community you've developed are a real godsend for coaches like me who have something to offer, but didn't quite how how to offer it. Your business and marketing teaching and tools have really helped me. Thank you!

- Gord Theo, Leadership and organizational coach and consultant
Brett and his team are so incredibly generous with their illuminating training and business-grounding tools. Very essential process/systems support for those of us with big dreams who want to help people and positively impact the planet. And he has surrounded himself with an awesome community of like-minded people to work with. If you want more conscious business success, I highly recommend Brett's coaching and programs. 

- Susan Lucci, Human Development Coach and Facilitator
I have had the opportunity to work with Brett and his team for a while in several of his programs. He is one of the best conscious coaches I have ever met. Heartfully generous, kind yet provocative, transformational yet very practical. His integral way of seeing the world and teaching is invaluable. I highly recommend his programs... you will not be disappointed.

- Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D., President of the Transformational Learning Institute, Director of the Conscious and Transformational Leadership Program 

Brett's work is inspiring, clarifying and deeply supportive for small businesses. I'm grateful for his ability to boil down comprehensive leading-edge business and marketing knowledge. Participating with his Conscious Academy has helped us keep balance and strength as we simultaneously serve our existing customers and develop solutions for a new group of people. This has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences in years. I highly recommend Brett's coaching and his business and marketing programs! 

- Ulrike Haiden, Integral Coach and Conscious Business Trainer
The program I did with Brett and Team has helped me get clear on my purpose and passion and the gift I want to bring to the world. I already see the relationship funnel working extremely well--people are being attracted to me. This program has really been life changing. I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for my life and my coaching business.

- Chris Alder, Integral Coach


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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I own the marketing funnel when it's done?
A: Absolutely. We will build your marketing funnel on your landing page platform and integrate it with your email marketing service!

Q: Do I have to have a landing page tool and email marketing account?
A: Yes. If you already have a sufficient landing page tool (Examples: LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Instapage, OptimizePress) and an email platform (Examples: ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, etc.), we will use yours. If you don't have one or aren't happy with the one you have, we will help you select the piece of software that will be easiest and most effective for you and your situation!

Q: How much of this is DFY (done for you) and how much is done with you, and what will I need to do?
A: Good question. We certainly want to do the technical "heavy lifting" for you–the stuff that requires technical knowledge such as setting up your automated marketing page (landing page) platform, your email sequences, and so on. You are the subject-matter expert on the type of coaching you do (your niche) and so the marketing content will be done with you. We will provide the frameworks, templates, and outlines; you provide the content. We will help you brainstorm and will also help you edit your content! So to summarize, the difficult technical parts are "done for you." The rest of this is "done with you." 

Q: Are there any other costs? Or any hidden costs?
A: As mentioned above, we build your marketing funnel inside your accounts. You are responsible for the monthly costs of these accounts. These average around $130 per month depending on which landing page platform you use. If we set up and manage an online advertising campaign for you, you are responsible for your own advertising budget and advertising account (such as with FaceBook, Google or LinkedIn).  

Q: How long will it take? Above it suggests 12 weeks. Is that the same for everyone? 
A: 12 weeks is an average. The key is selecting the right niche and ideal audience (ideal client profile) and then crafting compelling offers that your coaching prospects will like and say yes to. Established coaches who know their niche and have experience with their ideal clients move through the first few steps rapidly (only taking a few weeks). However, some coaches need to take some time to "niche down" and select their ideal clients, and may also need more time to craft their compelling offers (including compelling free content). We offer weekly small group workshops (3-4 people on average) to help you with these steps. These inspiring, creative and collaborative workshops are held on our Zoom conference bridge weekly at both AM and PM times to accommodate all time zones. Take as long as you need in the first few steps to get them right so that your funnel will really perform. We will not rush you; just know that if you take your time in the first few steps, it might take a few weeks longer to finish your funnel. We will work with you as long as it takes!

Q: What happens after the marketing funnel is completed? Will you show me how to operate it and maintain it?
A: Not only do we build it for you (and with you every step of the way), but our expert team of consultants and coaches will also show you how to use it. We won't just "throw you the keys." Rather, we will teach you to drive your new, high-performance marketing vehicle! 

Q: What if I have questions or need any additional guidance or direction at a later date? 
A: No problem! We are here as your marketing partner to make sure you are successful. If you ever need any help with your web presence or online marketing systems, we are just an email or phone call away. If you need hands-on support, we can even help you manage your ad campaigns, email marketing sequences, and funnel optimization and expansion ongoing–always at refreshingly affordable rates. 

Brett and his marketing team have been a total blessing in my life. Brett's clear, down-to-earth style of teaching and ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to grasp style is so helpful. Brett helped me get unstuck and as a result of taking the action he suggested, my business now has amazing momentum! I’m doing social media marketing, making new offers to new clients, getting clients, and had my first successful retreat. Brett’s mentorship and his team's production assistance has made made all the difference in my business. I highly recommend working with him any chance you get!

- Jana Martinez - Healer, Teacher and Coach
Without doubt, one of the most major unlocking moves for my business has been coaching with Brett and attending his conscious business and marketing courses. I'm able to more compassionately, and passionately do what I love to do, and make a great living being a force for good in the world. As a fine artist, Brett has helped me significantly increased my income and my career fulfillment. I highly recommend his programs.

- Louis Parsons, Fine Artist
The program I did with Brett on conscious marketing has been invaluable. I learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from the facilitators and others as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to us to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The information provided was amazing and the personal coaching very focused. An enormous time saver and confidence builder!

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant and Coach
I can't tell you how much I really enjoy and appreciate what Brett and his team have done with these conscious business and marketing programs. His synthesis and integral framing of business and marketing fundamentals is extremely valuable. Highly recommended!

- Chris Jones, Business Broker and Consultant
I highly recommend Brett's program for anyone looking for leading-edge approaches to conscious business and marketing. Brett and his team bring a synthetic, collaborative, and deliciously fun approach that captures the change spirit of our times. I'm proud to be associated with Conscious Coalition and Conscious Academy as a unique, integrally informed platform for social purpose and cultivation of long-term beneficiary relationships.

Lisa Norton, Professor of Design Leadership
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